Pedalo Principles

(the Open Source Swan Pedalo taking a break at Andy’s workshop near Princes Park, Liverpool)

Over the last few weeks some important guiding principles have emerged which we hope will ensure good stewardship of the Open Source Swan Pedalo now that we have overcome the initial challenges of transporting the vessel and building a strong support network:

1.  There is no master plan, instead, the  Open Source Swan Pedalo is contingent, opportunistic and informal – this is a SEE WHERE IT GOES project…

2.  The Open Source Swan Pedalo requires hospitable HOST communities who can care for and accommodate it for fixed periods of time.

3.  It is desirable that communities and individuals wishing to host the Open Source Swan Pedalo make arrangements for it to be integrated into their projects and ACTIVITIES.

4.  Inventions, modifications, “pimping the swan” – these are all whole-heartedly encouraged BUT remember that the Open Source Swan Pedalo is for everyone – please don’t damage the swan for others.  RESPECT the SWAN.

If you have an idea for where the Open Source Swan Pedalo should go during 2011 – or if there is just something that you would like to try out just leave a comment on this blog.