How to initiate an Open Source Swan Pedalo project…

Below is outlined a process (v1) for initiating projects with the Open Source Swan Pedalo.  This process will be further refined on the Wiki and the most up to date version will be available on its own page on this blog.

1. Decide on a single Project Leader.  This person is the key point of contact – they lead on the management and delivery of the project and they take responsibility for making it happen.

2. Contact this Open Source Swan Pedalo blog in the first instance with your project idea using the comments form.  Try to give as much practical info as you have available: crucially when would the event happen? Who is leading it? And who are the partners?

3. One of the Swandeliers will contact you and begin an email correspondence and, if there is a practical feasibility for the project to happen (in term of timescales/availability) then you will be asked to complete the following process:

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