Tracking a swan

Hi all just wanted to update you on some tracking ideas and this brilliant site

At various points in our swan’s life Ive liked the idea of always being able to see where the swan is on a handy embeddable google map much like the one used above and I’ve been thinking of cheap and easy ways to do it. With a few

I’m working on a blog project looking at technical celebrations of marine traffic around the coast for bloc in Wales Fishermen Friends inspired by MarineTraffic OldWeather amongst other things and most recently @amcewen ‘s work on @merseyshipping on twitter. Anyway have a look at the Fishermen Friends link.

I’m  planning on organising some kind of tracking mini event soon with our pedalo just to experiment with a GPS device like this maybe initially just around the docks with the aim of getting something we can use in all future activity that might need tracking from a canal trip to Leeds to a channel crossing (gulp). So my bloc project could be a context for prototyping and testing something out. Love the idea that at any time we could see where the Swan was and tag it with what it was up to.

Would be nice to meet tomorrow Thursday 13th May 2011 5pm at STATIC in Liverpool and discuss this and the upcoming light night event and maybe we could hed down to Simon’s test at Wowballs at the docks.

In the meantime do delight in the progress of some real Whooper swans in Iceland above and my last slightly surreal waterbourne project Close Encounters in Poland below. I worked with a local canoeing club (who ended up towing me) and the owner of a spanish galleon (yes really) to sail a cardboard ship attached to a canoe down the canal in central Gdansk Poland for Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art. If only I could have tracked it live… hope to see some of you tomorrow!



Impossible to Possible

Following on from last Tuesdays Ignite Talk we held a meet-up last Wednesday the 9th of Feb at the Ranch studio in Liverpool to share and discuss potential ideas and new projects which would involve the Swan Pedalo.  After initial introductions,we discussed a timetable of events which are happening over the course of 2011 with which the Swan Pedalo could potentially be involved (these will be published shortly).

After this discussion the assembled group were invited to write down ideas which were positioned on a washing line which operated on a scale from “impossible” on the left towards “possible” on the right.  The aim from there was to add components to each of the ideas and in this way make them each more “possible”.  The full range of ideas which could act as starting points for potential Pedalo projects are included below:

Special thanks to Ruth Who, Dave Lynch, Ross Dalziel, J.R., Alistair Houghton, Neil Winterburn, & Sam Meech AND John McKerrell for their contributions on the night.

Come and see our Swan!

The hackspace on Renshaw Street officially opens to the public tomorrow so why not pop along?  We’d love to hear your ideas for where the Open Source Swan Pedalo should go next (and we’ll be listing some of the best ones ALL OF THEM here at the end of day.)  See you there!

What would you do with a Swan Pedalo?

“Search for a flock of swans and try to infiltrate their community.”

- @PhilKiel

What would you do with a Swan Pedalo?  Above is one of the first suggestions – Can you do any better?

This is the question that we are asking all week at the Cooperative Hackspace on Renshaw Street Liverpool and on twitter – hashtag #swanpedalo

We really want to hear your proposed projects, curious suggestions and madcap ideas!