site visit > canal, Oxford Road, Manchester

Photos from the canal down by Oxford Road, opposite the Cornerhouse. A potential site for swan pedalo activity?

Its a short run from Oxford road, down to Rain Bar, with its beer garden, and then some locks, and a little stretch down to Deansgate. Its not too clean at the top end, but it is accessible and people walk up and down quite often, and the bar is obviously a big pull on a sunny day. Sadly though I did recently see a dead fish, followed by a dead cat in floating along. Related deaths

Lithuania: Land of Swans

I recently visited Lithuania – a country more usually associated with the Stork – and discovered many swans. Swans appeared in posters, in needlework, handycraft and on most lakes that I saw. The swan made from paper is clever constructed from many individual wraps of folded paper to form the amazing swan architecture.