SWAN SONGS: Samuel Foxton Welles

The Open Source Swan Pedalo hosts Leeds first swan songs featuring the lyrical wisdom of Samuel Foxton Welles…

Samuel Foxton Welles’s new track is from his upcoming album based on David Lynch’s dark view of middle America in his ground breaking TV series – Twin Peaks. For more information please visit www. samuelfoxtonwelles.co.uk

video by the remarkable Dave Lynch (nice job!)

‘Fire Moving Slowly’ at Dukes Dock.

On Saturday the 16th of April the Swan Pedalo was set free on Dukes Dock.
We simply asked that he/she/it would let some musicians ride on her back for a few hours.
She carried my band, Elfin Spurs (shown here), Alex Mountaineer & Greedy Jesus amongst others.

This song is called ‘Fire moving slowly’ featuring Sofie Roberts on vocals & Chiz Turnross on Guitar, (I’m on drums).

We had a bit of a technical hitch with Sofies vocals so we had to overdub them, but you get used to that after a while, I like to think it’s a bit Top of the Pops.

More videos will follow.

This was what we did with a turn up and play approach to using the Swan as a platform to make music, what could be done with a bit more preparation?

I’d like to recreate that Pdiddy video in which he rides a jet ski..

Videography by Arek Chrusciel, Sam Meech & John O’Shea, edited by Neil Winterburn.