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  1. Just to let you know Grace arrived safely at STATIC this afternoon.

    Ive updated the wiki schedule for her stay with Currently here
    You can get a link to the risk assessment for the launch day on Saturday, scheduled for 3pm at Liverpool Water Sports Centre, leaving STATIC at 2.30

    You can see images of Grace in STATIC here

    More information soon!

  2. Grace at Currentlyliv!

    Hi all I’ve been in touch with Jon O’shea, Dave Lynch, Simon Derwent over the past few months about Grace taking part in a marine science and art hackspace called Currentlyliv at STATIC in Liverpool Thurs 21st – Saturday 23rd March 2013. Details of what Currently is can be found below and on the wiki and here

    I’m going to be the main manager for the project, so do get in touch if you have any questions. Everyone in the Society of Swandoliers is more than welcome to attend and see what’s going on. The wiki link below is where I’ll put all detail on the project but its at STATIC 23 Roscoe Lane Liverpool L1 9JD Thursday 21st March 2013-Saturday 23rd March 2013, with a possible launch in Liverpool on the Saturday afternoon.

    Unfortunately not had chance to organise a full pedalo meeting prior to event yet but I think that might be possible in the week beginning Monday 18th March at STATIC in Liverpool so will keep you all posted here and by email on that.

    I’ve made this document on the wiki which i will keep updating so that people can see what the plans are.

    Please get in touch with me if you need to know anything or Here’s an overview:

    Currently.liv is a 4 day hackspace event for invited artists and architects interested in responding to water based/marine science and culture. This event is one part of a larger project leading toward a physical journey across the shared shelf seas between Oslo and Liverpool supported by Kulturradet (Arts Council Norway).

    Open Source Swan Pedalo’s presence is meant to act as a social catalyst to see how a large group of individuals can collaborate around the use of an evolving water based vehicle. We also wanted to reflect and hopefully realise or prototype some new and old ideas of ‘cloning’ grace perhaps through a form of DIY point cloud scanning and tracking by radio and semi permanent floating platforms for artworks. Also its a chance to see if we need any swan repairs or cleanups. Please look at the wiki document for all detail and hope to start blogging about Grace’s part in asap.

    Hope to see you all soon, Ross

  3. Hi,
    A friend and myself are looking for a swan pedalo to take down the Thames from Oxford to London for charity. We were wondering if you had a spare swan we could use.

    • Hi Henry – we only have one swan – “Grace”

      We’d love to help but our swan is currently in Leeds and, since we’re not a Swan hire outfit (only a loose group trying to do creative activity with the swan) we don’t have capacity to make the swan available for charity events I’m afraid. (Even if we could, the costs involved in transporting to London/ insurances etc. can be quite prohibitive in terms of charity fundraising.)

      I’m sure there would be Swans you could borrow in the London region – I would approach local parks etc. first and failing that put a call out over facebook and twitter and see if someone can help locally (pass us details and we will circulate too.)

      Wish you all the best with your fundraising – let us know how you get on!

  4. Hi.

    Do you have any old damaged swans which you no longer require. I do not know if you have ever heard of the South West and Guy Fawkes Illuminated carnivals but these raise £1000s and £1000s for charity each and every year.

    The carnivals we enter into last for approximately 10 weeks. Our theme for our entry this year is called “sun, sea and false teeth” and we were thinking of making our pulling vehicle into a pedaloe.

    Our first carnival is at the end of September. Thank you for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you.


    1 + 1 Carnival Club

  5. HELP! I am looking for a swan for a fund raising event along the selby canal to raise much needed cash for the restoration of our 900 year old parish church. A cruise along the canal is being organised by the Friends of St Wilfrids Church but without a swan pedalo we stand of the canal banks staring at the water. Can anyone help us please.

    • Hi Ian! – we’ve just completed a epic 127 mile journey and our swan is currently undergoing maintenance.  We are happy for the swan to be used to support some charitable work, however, we are ourselves are a voluntary group and receive numerous requests – too many to fulfil.  

      The suitability of the swan for charitable fundraising is also something
      not to be taken lightly and is better suited for larger undertakings as the costs and energy involved might well be counterproductive to fundraising. Remember – the BBC (who raised £50,000+) had a national institution with broadcasting oomph, salaried staff, a high profile event, and a big idea. For a one day event, the very presence of Grace on the water more than likely won’t raise as much as you would hope, after the initial costs of transport and pre/post maintenance, which for the BBC ran into the 1000s.

      The project with the BBC has recently caused us to rethink the very nature of the ‘see where is goes project’ and all future projects with Grace. We were always against the Swan for hire principle as our core aims of this project lie in developing new modes of creative expression for the swan and developing sustainable new, longer term, host communities (see our Pedalo Principles: )

      If you genuinely have a great idea for doing something creative with the swan, and you think that your whole community are interested in being involved then let’s start from there:
      In May (as part of our Society of Swandeliers event) we are putting together a contact/application form which will addresses most of the frequently asked questions and the aims of the Open Source Swan Pedalo project – perhaps we could send you a link to this? When were you planning to do the event, by the way?

      Thanks for getting in touch – as I say, we ourselves are having some capacity issues at the moment – lots of events/requests and only one swan!

      all the very best
      Society of Swandeliers

  6. Dear Sir or Madam!

    The category “Digital Communities”, which met with great interest and participation in the last years, will be awarded again by Prix Ars Electronica in 2012. Your project “Swan Pedalo” seems relevant to this category and we would like to encourage you and your team to participate with this project in the category “Digital Communities” of this year’s Prix Ars Electronica.

    The Digital Communities category is open to political, social and cultural projects, initiatives, groups and scenes from all over the world that display contentious commitment in coming up with smart, successful ways of deploying digital technologies to solve social problems. Particular emphasis is placed on a project’s degree of community innovation, its sustainability and its use of technology in a way that makes good sense and is attuned to the needs of the people meant to benefit from it. Digital Communities projects should make it easier for people to access technology, networks and the Digital Commons.

    For a detailed description of the category, please see our website:

    One Golden Nica with 10,000 Euro, two Awards of Distinction with 5,000 Euro each and up to 12 Honorary Mentions will be awarded by the jury.

    The deadline for submissions is March 02, 2012.

    Please go to
    for more information about how to submit to Prix Ars Electronia 2012.

    You can also nominate projects which in your opinion should participate in Prix Ars Electronica!
    More infos here:

    If you need any further information or help, please contact

    All the best,
    Romana Leopoldseder

    Prix Ars Electronica 2012 / Digital Communities
    Ars Electronica Linz GmbH
    Ars-Electronica-Straße 1
    4040 Linz, Austria,
    Telefon: 0043-732-7272-58
    Fax: 0043-732-7272-2

  7. Hello, love the swan pedalo! Excellent design, and excellent concept of sharing around the country. I think the swan pedalo would be a fantastic addition to Portobello Beach, Edinburgh’s seaside. Could a residency be arranged ? If so we would be most greatful and enthusiastic host.
    All the best

  8. Hello Guardians of the Swan,

    We stumbled across your website today and were fascinated by your project. Our watersports centre would love to host the swan for a while, she’d be loved by many young people and could have some great adventures on the Thames. We also have some tough fund-raising goals to keep the work we do for young people going, and maybe swanning the Thames from Source to Sea or some other exciting event could help. Please get in touch if we could be involved somehow.

    All the best with the project,


  9. I am looking for a swan pedalo for a wedding, to transport the bride and groom. If you can help please can you email me.

    • (replied via email 2 May 2011 18:54:39 BST)

      Hi Vinnie –

      (cc’d are some members of our Swan Pedalo steering group)

      In principle this sounds like something we would be able to help with (unless our Swan is otherwise engaged) – when is the wedding?

      Could you send over some details of what you were thinking – I’ll be able to get back to you then with how it might work.

      All the best

  10. I would like to put him along side the wowballs at the ALbert dock for visitors to use. I have a location at the albert dock, actualy dukes dock in between albert dock and the echo arena, and maybe next year he could come on tour with us we will see, I will look after him and make him happy by letting him spread his padals once more, any way call or email info on web site.
    Ta Simon

  11. the Open Source Swan Pedalo will be resident in the SoundNetwork Hack Space at the Cooperative (former Rapid Paint Shop) on Renshaw Street, Liverpool all next week!

    • Cheers Neil – I’m gonna make a list of potential homes on the ‘where’ page shortly. This is just what we need – it would be great if we could leapfrog from marina –> host organisation –> someones garage –> a journey on the canal etc…

      Need to map out the possibilities ASAP!

  12. hi Guys i used the pedaloes on the canal at vauxhall over the summer. they is heavy it takes a min of 4 people to launch the and 4 to recover them 6 is better storeing them is a pain because of their size you could do with a lockable unit waterside or try to keep them on a park pond and hire it out at 15min intervals getting the insurance to use them is easy enough we went through barclays it was cheap enough for the summer however that was only public liability. you may have noticed that they need a little bit of repair but thats easy enough there is the manufactures phone number on the back of them so you may be able to get spares for them direct give me a bell for any further info my number can be found at look forward to hearing from you


    • Thanks a lot Nev – great to have this info and I’ll be sure to give you a ring if we’re going anywhere near the water any time soon!

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