Like a rolling stone!

When we say that we have a swan pedalo people’s eyes light up – they are delighted by the idea of such an elegant and leisurely vessel – however, sadly, this initial enthusiasm is almost immediately overcome by harsh and mundane practical matters and the first question which is often nervously asked is “where are you going to  store it?

The answer to this question is that there is no master plan – this is a “see where it goes” project.

Our desire is that we are able to sustain the state of imaginative possibility which is presented in the  idea of the Swan Pedalo.  Can we keep the dream alive?

We are hoping to find the right individuals, groups and communities who  might be able to temporarily ‘host’ the pedalo for short periods of  perhaps a week or perhaps a month.  We are not looking for ‘storage’ because we think that putting the Swan Pedalo into storage is akin to keeping an animal in a cage – and our Swan Pedalo is free range!

Could you be a host to the Open Source Swan Pedalo?

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