Swan in Love

I have been a bit slow writing my first post on the Swan Pedalo blog & now I have two backed up, but I’ll write this one first as it is just a quick link really.

I went to the “Howduino”¬† event at the weekend, which was brilliant, I felt like a 9 year old boy, being actually encouraged to invent and build robots. Not often you get fun learning atmospheres like that with adults.

Anyway, I was working alongside a guy called Martin, who is a really interesting bloke, & when I asked him what he thought about the Swan Pedalo, he said to me…

“Well you know there was a story where I come from a couple of years ago, in a lake in a park, just near Munster, a swan actually¬† fell in Love with a Pedalo.”

“A Real Swan?”


“What !!! ” I said, “No way, what kind of pedalo was it?”

” It was like you have there, a Swan Pedalo…”

Click the image below to read an article about this at ‘Spiegel – Online’

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