Swan Pedalo Call to Arms!

Did you fall in love with the Open Source Swan Pedalo during 2010?

We are proposing a one-off Open Source Swan Pedalo meet-up during the second week of February at 7pm on either the Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th (to coincide with Liverpool Social Media Week) and the gathering will be taking place at The Ranch Studio on Victoria Street in Liverpool City Centre.

The aim of this meet-up will be to discuss and schedule future Swan Pedalo adventures.

We are going to gather together all of the current opportunities and suggested projects (many of which were generated during the Swan’s short residency in the Cooperative Space during the Biennial) and lay them out on the table so we can develop a strategy for making some of this stuff happen over the course of 2011.

All input prior to the meet is greatly welcomed – over email, via @swanpedalo on twitter, Swan Pedalo facebook page and this Open Source Swan Pedalo blog (including potential hosts, mechanical advice, new projects etc.) – we’ll present all of this stuff for everyone to consider on the evening and a there will be a lovely spread of snacks and beverages for those who can attend – we might even get some foie gras! (NOT!)

If people are coming from out of town (*nudge, nudge* Leeds massive) we’ll try and make arrangements to put you up too!

Please feedback on the dates (along with any queries) and I’ll send another email with full confirmed details of the meet at the end of Jan.

Wishing you a swanderful 2011,


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