A mile trip to a new nest for Grace

Grace’s time @templeworksleeds had come to a close after a lovely 6 months and many a memories for a lot of swandeliers, as fate would have it a series of (literal) events lead to the finding of Grace’s new custodians.  Which involves a great thank you to James from Lumen for pointing out the way.

Now, although Grace had made her inaugural journey on her wheels, this was only round the corner in the dry.  This new journey was approx. .7 of a mile more ambitious and in the wet, it was not the length of the journey that was the daunting bit, it was the potential of being half a mile away from either nest on a road with broken wheels.   However, overthinking and planning aside, Grace’s new hosts had the same solution based attitude as the rest of the Swanderliers, cross that bridge, and we will make it somehow.

So with a few brollies for good luck and away we flew.

Thankyou to all involved, Grace looks very happy with her new friends and family of Pyramid of Arts and based on their previous creations, I can only imagine that the fun is only beginning!

Carriers + Pushers

Left to Right - Christian Braime, John Kennedy, Laura Wainwright, Julia Piggott, Jack Fawdington,  Sophie Macwhannell & Curly Crocklemouth the Time Hunter!

Photographs: Sophie Macwhannell

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