Sport Relief Route

Below is the route that Grace will be taking for her Sport Relief pedalo challenge.

It is split up into 10 days, starting on March 12th at the Eldonian Village, Liverpool. (you can download this as a list here).

This map is created with Open Street Map, and integrated into wordpress using the OSM plugin. (here is how to use it! and here is where I converted the postcodes to lat / long co-ordinates)


  • March 14 – Eldonian Village to Haskayne
  • March 15 – Haskayne to Crooke
  • March 16 – Crooke to Adlington
  • March 17 – Adlington to Nova Scotia
  • March 18 – Nova Scotia to Rose Grove
  • March 19 – Rose Grove to Greenberfield Locks
  • March 20 – Greenberfield Locks to Skipton
  • March 21 – Skipton to Bingley
  • March 22 – Bingley to Apperley Bridge
  • March 23 – Apperley Bridge to Granary Wharf

5 thoughts on “Sport Relief Route

  1. Please be aware of the nesting swans behind the craven nursing home skipton.
    Albert the male swan is on guard duty as his mate Victoria has laid 3 eggs so far.
    What time are you intending to leave skipton on 21st as my 85yr old Father is an avid listner & would like to come & see you.

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