Society of Swandeliers #2

Meet-up scheduled for Thursday 7th July 2011 @ 8.30pm

  • Swan Trip to Leeds: Well Done!
  • Swan Funds: Income and Exp.
  • Swan Pedalo Blog – a front page?
  • Society of Swandeliers – badges?
  • Swan Pedalo Merchandise – makernight
  • URL – transferring
  • Swan User Manual Wiki: broadcast module / power to the swan! / tracking
  • Barrow: FON (full of noises festival) what we’re doing
  • Swan Maintenance Day: making / getting it to look really nice – painting
  • Beyond & other opportunities: T4, BBC, Thames etc
  • Calendar
  • Open Source Swan Pedalo Book: Year 1 (Nov 2011)?
  • Any Other Business

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