Book Sprint – Friday 18th November 2011

Calling all Swandeliers – it has, literally been ONE YEAR since this madcap-open-source-swan-pedalo adventure began – on the 15th of November 2010 we paid £100 for the Swan Pedalo without a clue what we were going to do with it – and then, the following day we made the famous move into the shop unit on Renshaw Street – WOW – since that epic day this project has had the confidence to see where it goes…

I think it is really important to put together a fitting document to mark this YEAR ONE achievement and so I am suggesting we have our booksprint at the end of this week and “take stock” so to speak…

We are really in need of an autumnal gathering and, since the original dates didn’t work for quite a few people, instead we will be running the Open Source Swan Pedalo booksprint at The Ranch Studio Liverpool from 11am on Friday 18th until finish (with the option to return and finish some things up on the Saturday).
The idea is that, over the course of the day we will produce some kind of document reflecting our activities (and failures) involving our Open Source Swan over the course of Year 1 and everybody is welcome.  I will be making a chilli for the day, and there will be a free supply of coffee.

Our booksprint is inspired by this document produced over the course of 7 days around art, science and technology topics – see below – wow!

I wonder what we could do in just one day?

Perhaps you would like to take on a specific role?


There are lots of amazing things which have been achieved this first year with our fabled swan…

transporting the swan to the Cooperative space
experiments with projection
Ignite Talk
we. got. it. on. the. water.
Swan Songs
Leeds Granary Wharf
maintenance at Static
Swan Pedalo Broadcasts!
BBC people coming here and doing tests…

and there are also many loose ends to tie up – in fact the swan pedalo seems to be the world best generator of loose ends!

some loose ends:

loads of people are due a “Friend of the Swan” badge but we didn’t get round to posting them
website needs transplanting to another server (or something)
me and Dave did the amazing Swan Pedalo Broadcasts in August but we haven’t had any opportunity to share our documentation
people keep emailing – “can we go on the Danube?” “will you come to Edinburgh?” “Can you come on the telly?” but it is a bit overwhelming – probably need a forum / web form approach to handle this…
long list of things…

I think I’m going to focus on the failures (of which there are many too!) and work backwards!

Please please come, you don’t need to bring anything except enthusiasm and a love for Grace the swan!


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